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Anonymous asked:

Do you think Madara prefers to cook for himself or have others, maybe Izuna and Obito, cook for him? Is he any good at cooking?



I think he’d prefer to cook for himself, though, mainly for two reasons (both control-related).

1) He doesn’t trust others (barring a few people that he likes) not to poison him. He’s kind of paranoid, and I don’t think this requires much of an explanation.

2) He doesn’t trust others, even people he likes, to not give him things he doesn’t like. I imagine him to be a pretty particular eater. Not necessarily picky, but he likes things a certain way, and there are definitely things that he doesn’t like. If he cooks the food himself, he knows every ingredient that goes into something. No nasty surprises that may even make the dish taste better (!) if he didn’t know they were in there. Madara doesn’t like admitting he might be wrong and changing his mind about things. Ahhhh I guess for an example: He’s the type who would decide he hates sour cream no matter what, and if after three years of eating the same kind of cake and loving it, he finds out sour cream is an ingredient, he’d never eat it again and hate everyone who gave it to him the last three years.

I think he would eat if he were at an inn or restaurant or something, obviously, but he’d be uncomfortable about it. He’d be too proud to ask questions about everything, though he’d be suspicious and pick at his food a lot. DISCREETLY SMELL IT WHEN NOBODY IS LOOKING. Oh who am I kidding. I don’t think he has much in lieu of manners so he’d smell it in front of them.

I can’t see him eating things for the sake of politeness, either.

That became a bit of a tangent.

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